Our Architectural Practice Expresses our Core Values:


Our design process starts with careful listening and goal-definition with our clients. Design is by nature a highly collaborative process, with the client an active and informed participant at all stages. When design is complete, we are the owner’s advocate throughout construction, working closely with the builder to ensure the project design is manifested faithfully.

We employ modern design strategies that are driven by performance rather than style. We strive for bold, thoughtful design solutions specific to each project’s function and context. Our designs are personal and reflect our clients’ desires and personalities.

Our projects are deeply influenced by their context and the natural world. We find inspiration in traditional local architecture and historic precedents. We are committed to designing energy efficient and nature-sensitive buildings that enrich our communities.

We want our work to be accessible to people and institutions regardless of their financial status, especially in under-served communities where the need for design is highest. To achieve this goal, we incorporate reduced and waived fee projects into our schedule as much as our resources allow.

We design buildings that function. We measure success on how well our client’s dreams and goals are achieved. We are diligent about budget and schedule and are committed to maximizing design quality within the constraints of each project.